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Carol K., Los Angeles CA

"I am a licensed psychotherapist and have complete confidence in recommending Kristina Kell as a Family Law Attorney. She was able to provide legal support for one of my clients who tried to save his marriage but was unsuccessful. This man was an emotional mess and didn't know which way to turn after his wife served him with divorce papers and threatened to never let him see his children again. After consulting with Kristina, who provided legal advice, he realized he had rights. Kristina's professional knowledge, compassion and direct approach helped reduce his feelings of helplessness and loss. He felt he now had a legal champion who could protect him through the upcoming battle for his children.."

Emily D., Westlake Village CA

"Kristina is an angel on this earth! My ex was a complete nightmare and Kristina held my hand through the entire process. She literally fought for me like I would fight for myself. I never, ever during the entire ordeal didn’t feel completely at ease with Kristina representing me...and that’s not something I have ever said. I don’t normally rely on others let alone custody of my children - my most precious gifts in life. I can’t relay in a review how much Kristina did for me. She got me a better custody plan than I ever imagined was even possible and she fought for me tirelessly. Not only was I completely trusting in her the entire time but we also managed to laugh along the way which in a highly stressful situation is just unheard of. She’s a bright light in this world. USE HER."

John B., Westlake Village CA

"Kristina Kell, rode the drama train with me kept me calm and prepared. She kept me from adding too much drama to my divorce. She is my advocate. She watched over me legally. She was able to help me "pick my battles" and not spend time and money that didn't need to. She is extremely professional, but has a big heart. That really connected to me. I would recommend her and her firm to anyone who find themselves in a family law nightmare."

Linette J., Westlake Village CA

"I hear many divorce experiences and most think they've had "the worst" experience. I truly have had an extreme challenge on my hands, however. I was only married 2 years and 6 months. Nearly 3 years deep in to divorce is when I hired Kristina Kell, August 2017, as I needed someone to finish it once and for all. Kristina is high in integrity, is no-nonsense, knows the laws and how and where to apply them, processes all paperwork on time even if it's a rush, she takes the time to know my case (and it is CHALLENGING), she remembers details and applies them in court when possible and she fights for what I want and need. Most importantly, she is there when I need her - always timely replies and I feel protected. From August 2017 to January 2018, I entirely attribute Kristina's professional involvement in my case to FINALLY having success and resolve! I have absolutely no regrets for every cent I have paid her, as she has fully earned it."

Kelly R., Los Angeles CA

"The best thing about Kristina is the lack of BS. She patiently listened to my circumstance, asked a bunch of custody questions and then told me what she thought she thought she could get and what she couldn't. She also told me how much it was going to cost. I ended up getting almost exactly the child support and custody she predicted and the price was under her quote. I've referred 3 others who got favorable results. She's fair, honest and reasonable. Recommend"

Jay S., Los Angeles CA

"I was fortunate to have been given Kristina's contact, as I was needing an objective point of view on questions regarding my divorce. I found Kristina to be extremely knowledgeable, forthcoming with answers, compassionate but also tough and most importantly, fair! I would highly recommend her to represent anyone, in any facet of their family law issues. She was incredibly responsive, and direct, but not in a rush, or dismissive. Exactly what I needed!!"